Mods to styles and templated

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Mods to styles and templated

Post by avon_g »

Hi Guys.....

CMSMS has changed the look and feel of my website already....
Trouble is now my imagination is running wild and way beyong
my basic knowledge.
What is involed cost wise to do some customize temps and styles
to my exsiting files and with whom do i contact to do it?


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Re: Mods to styles and templated

Post by Dr.CSS »

Hello Andy

You can contact me at mark at

Price varies with amount of work...
Check ver. CMSMS, PHP, server OS, in System Information page.
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Re: Mods to styles and templated

Post by avon_g »


Im basically there but i would like to have a template that gives me this... ... =epson-lfp

then ... epson-3800

Each product has an image, header title, short discription a link to
a discription page and a seperator below ready for the next product.
The Product Detail page is just an image header and detal.

Also i would like to possibly add an image to the buttons on my nav section
using the slidding door technique but only for the main catagories.

example here ... blank-test

what do you think?


Re: Mods to styles and templated

Post by ironblaze94 »

i would recommend using the cataloger module to anyone

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