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install +E_deprecated in php.ini [solved]

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:03 pm
by samj
Note: Angrily shut down the PC for 6 hours after losing 5 hours; upon restart the error message disappeared. This is about the 4th time, at least, when one setting or another does not take for a while - even with a reboot >> vista & Xampp maybe ???

trying to install CMSms (v a second time for a different site in the same directory as the first one, on a vista/wampp home dev setup.

Although I set error reporting to "Off" in php.ini for the install procedure, I keep getting "E_DEPRECATED is enabled" with a big fat X. It appears that the install "procedure" does not see the changes in php.ini.Is it possible for the install routine to look into website_one folder instead of website_two or maybe there is a cached version somewhere?

In addition: tried error reporting combinations with/without E_deprecated.
cleared cache in browser
turned xampp on/off

With site_one I remember a similar issue with an E_DEPRECATED ERROR, but I believe that changing the error_reporting setting to something else allowed the continuation of the install the first time around. Not this time.