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 Post subject: css template problema menu
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:20 pm 
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ciao a tutti

sto adattando un template responsive a cmsms ultima versione

il link e' questo:


tutto funziona tranne il menu che non visualizza i sotto menu ma solo il livello principale.

questo 'e il menu tpl modificato (modifica in rosso)

menu tpl modified

{* CSS classes used in this template:
#menuwrapper - The id for the <div> that the menu is wrapped in. Sets the width, background etc. for the menu.
#primary-nav - The id for the <ul>
.menuparent - The class for each <li> that has children.
.menuactive - The class for each <li> that is active or is a parent (on any level) of a child that is active. *}

{assign var='number_of_levels' value=10000}
{if isset($menuparams.number_of_levels)}
{assign var='number_of_levels' value=$menuparams.number_of_levels}

{if $count > 0}
<div id="menuwrapper">
<ul class="nav sf-menu">
{foreach from=$nodelist item=node}
{if $node->depth > $node->prevdepth}
{repeat string='<ul class="unli">' times=$node->depth-$node->prevdepth}
{elseif $node->depth < $node->prevdepth}
{repeat string='</li></ul>' times=$node->prevdepth-$node->depth}
{elseif $node->index > 0}</li>

{if $node->parent == true or $node->current == true}
{assign var='classes' value='menuactive'}
{if $node->parent == true}
{assign var='classes' value='menuactive menuparent'}
{if $node->children_exist == true and $node->depth < $number_of_levels}
{assign var='classes' value=$classes|cat:' parent'}
<li class="{$classes}"><a class="{$classes}"
{elseif $node->type == 'sectionheader' and $node->haschildren == true}
<li class="menuparent"><a class="menuparent"><span class="sectionheader">{$node->menutext}</span></a>
{elseif $node->type == 'sectionheader'}
<li><a ><span class="sectionheader">{$node->menutext}</span></a>
{elseif $node->type == 'separator'}
<li style="list-style-type: none;"> <hr class="menu_separator" />
{elseif $node->children_exist == true and $node->depth < $number_of_levels and $node->type != 'sectionheader' and $node->type != 'separator'}
<li class="menuparent"><a class="menuparent"

{if ($node->type != 'sectionheader' and $node->type != 'separator') or $node->parent == true or $node->current == true }
{if $node->target}target="{$node->target}" {/if}
{repeat string='</li></ul>' times=$node->depth-1}
<div class="clearb"></div>

e questa e' la sezione del template dedicata al menu

<div class="navbar navbar_ clearfix">
<div class="navbar-inner navbar-inner_">
<div class="container">
<a class="btn btn-navbar" data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".nav-collapse_">MENU</a>
<div class="nav-collapse nav-collapse_ collapse">

<ul class="social-icons">

<li><a href="#"><img src="stylish/img/icon-2.png" alt=""></a></li>


non capisco cosa possa essere

potreste darmi una mano

grazie mille



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