Upgrade of 1.10.3 "Hyacinthe"

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Upgrade of 1.10.3 "Hyacinthe"

Post by Felix »

Hi - I read Digi's comment that it is possible to upgrade from any version to the latest.

I built a website a few years ago for a local community club and kept it updated until the upgrade to 2 put the fear of god into me.

I absolutely need to update now and was thinking of copying the site to a docker container on my qnap, then going through the upgrade process so that I would then have the exact steps and can make sure I don't have a big failure with the upgrade.

Problem is I'm new to docker containers and am struggling with the process of getting a copy of the site into the container.

Has anyone done this before?

What other ways do website developers use to go through a major upgrade?


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Re: Upgrade of 1.10.3 "Hyacinthe"

Post by calguy1000 »

Docker is probably overkill, particularly if you are not familiar with it.

But... you can easily use vagrant + virtuabox or vmware. to setup one or two lamp VM's for the purpose of testing and ugprading.

I would setup one VM with PHP 5.6 and upgrade your site to 1.12.2 or v2.0.1 or something.

I would then setup another VM with PHP 7.2 to upgrade the site the final mile.
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