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Post by cleveweb »

Newbie here!

Apologies if this is already covered but nothing comes up on the search.
I have become the Webmaster of our local club and although i have a background in HTML programming i am struggling getting to grips with using a CMS provider.

I want to gather visitor stats to be able to report to the committee.
I have activated the Statistics2 module but am confused about where to add the code to collect the data...

The instructions say:
Insert the tag below into your page or template.
Tag to insert:
{Statistics2 params} for params, see below
Please note! In order for the module to work correctly, a {Statistics}-tag must be somewhere inserted in every page or in the template used, even of you don't want it to show anything. Some way of doing this automatically may be implemented in the future.
day : show the hits so far today
week : show the hits so far this week....... etc

OK, does that mean i paste "{Statistics2 day}" into the template? and where?
i've tried various places but the club sit throws an error :(

sorry if it's a bit vague, what more info would *you* need to help?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Statistics2

Post by flmm »

Just put {Statistics2} somewhere in the template.

To show the stats on the page itself you can use the params.
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Re: Statistics2

Post by paulbaker »

Consider also any statistics package offered by your host - they often throw one in.
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Re: Statistics2

Post by pengels »

please don't use this module any longer. I have removed this fork from the forge because the original Statitics-module is back and working with CMSMS2. Therefore there is no need for this fork any longer.

Regards Peter
Regards from Germany, Peter

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