PHP Header redirect?

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PHP Header redirect?

Post by tdlwebs »

I am re-designing and converting an existing site to CMSMS. One of the pages has this PHP right at the top:

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if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) {
		$event = $_POST['event'];
		if($event != "exit") {
			$location = $event.'/';
and further down within the page content there is a select element with a drop down list and when one of the options is selected the page redirects to the chosen option.

I understand that a PHP header event has to be the very first thing that happens before anything else on the page. So, my question is: How can I get this to work with CMSMS?

Any help very gratefully received,

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Re: PHP Header redirect?

Post by calguy1000 »

CMSMS has a redirect() function that handles this.

If the headers are already sent, it uses javascript to perform the redirection.

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