Recommended Hosts not using ModSecurity esp in Australia

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Andrew Prior
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Recommended Hosts not using ModSecurity esp in Australia

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My excellent and long term hosting company is clearly having some kind of internal crisis.
They appear to have made significant ModSecurity changes (not admitting to this, of course) which mean that my sites are almost unusable.
I have always turned of ModSecurity in cPanel for editing purposes, but this does not work any longer.
I am in a long saga of .htaccess rule exceptions being added, which work for a day or two, sometimes, and then it all goes south again.
I'm well out of my depth with web hosting these days, but I've done enough server work to suspect that I'm not being told the whole story, and to suspect that the staff are equally out of their depth. I am going to need to shift.

I'd prefer to be using Australian hosting.

Anyone using CMS Made Simple with a host not using ModSecurity, or with no Modsecurity issues at all?
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