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Re: White or light color text

Post by velden »

Extensions -> MicroTiny WYSIWYG Editor -> Settings (tab) -> Force black text on white background -> check.

Why? Because your css is applied. Most of the times that is what you want so editors get an idea of the effects when they apply specific styles (read explanation at 'CSS Styles' on same settings tab), use paragraphs (e.g. bottom margin), headings, lists etc etc.

You can always overrule a style for MicroTiny by creating extra rules for #tinymce in your stylesheets. Example:

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#tinymce a {
  color : #ff0000 !important;
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Re: White or light color text

Post by Dr.CSS »

You can also fool it by making 2 body {some styles} in the style sheet, tiny will take the first one the web site will take the second one...

body { color: black; background: white}
body {color: white; background: black}
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