Making the CMSMS site more user-friendly and accessible

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Making the CMSMS site more user-friendly and accessible

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With accessability being a goal of CMS Made Simple, of course the CMSMS web site itself needs to follow those standards. There are quite a few things we need to work on and unfortunately time does not allow it all to be implemented right away (if there aren't people out there interested in working on this?!?).

There are several things I think need to be done with the CMSMS web site. Please comment, add to this list and share your own experiences of navigating on the CMSMS web site. The more feedback we get, the better we can improve the site's usability and accessability!

  • Relative font and layout sizes. I think the default font size now is 11px, which doesn't allow resizing in IE.
  • Elastic width, so that the page is wider if the user has a high-resolution screen. Related to the above, increasing font size increases page width, so that the row length is the same regardless of font size.
  • Search function
  • Navigation code below the content in the template (but still displayed the same as now), for accessability reasons (screen readers don't have to read out the navigation first on every page).
  • Easier to find out how to download and install extensions.
  • Downloads link will be removed once all modules and tags are in the forge
  • Increasing accessability and usability for the forge (a lot that needs to be done here, that includes hacking the GForge core files
  • Making the forum theme accessible ( tags, less use of tables etc.
  • Better and extended documentation (ongoing process)
  • Collapsible navigation on the documentation page (using DokuWiki, that currently doesn't ahve such a plugin when using mult-lingual navigation
  • Documentation for extensions easily accessible, preferably for each project in the forge somehow
  • Better info about how to participate in Main/Support/Participate
  • Even easier to find contact info (now is for each member of the development team on the Main/About us page)
  • "About this site" page, with info about how the site was made and how to find the info one is looking for. Maybe two different things... Once the site is more accessible the accessibility statement needs to be in the "About this site" page.
  • And of course multi-language, when there is full support for multi-languages with CMSMS after 1.0

Are there more things that need to be done to the site, to make it more usable and accessible? All suggestions are welcome and if there are people interested in working on it, let us know!

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