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addition content suggestion

Post by sumpson »

Hello everyone,

I was thinking of an addition to CMSMS which I think would be very usefull.

When creating a template you can add for example :
{content block="blockname" oneline="true"}

something like this in addition would be nice:

{content block="blockname" oneline="true" addition="true"}

normally you would see one field named "blockname", when addtion set to true you would see a + behind the field and when clicking it an extra field named "blockname" will be added in the edit page section.

An addition to this would be:

{content block="blockname" oneline="true"}
{content block="blockname2" oneline="true"}
{content block="blockname3" oneline="true"}

When you click the + button in the page edit all 3 of the extra fields would show.

I think this would be an awesome addition to the CMSMS and adds allot of extra possibilitys.
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