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Converting Bootstrap 3/4 templates for 2.2.X use

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:48 am
by elkman
I need to upgrade almost 200+ CMSMS 1.12.2 websites to the 2.2.X CMSMS platform. My delay has been due to health reasons which are now finally back to normal. All of these sites are using Bootstrap 3 templates either converted from scratch using free Bootstrap 3 templates or converting paid Bootstrap 3 HTML5 templates for use with CMSMS.

I am looking for an example template/theme that perhaps someone has already created. One that includes at least one page of code with the appropriate placeholder coding (I am a visual learner) and a working responsive Bootstrap menu that is at least two levels deep.

Almost all of the websites I need to upgrade are those I have donated to various nonprofits like American Legion Posts, Animal Rescues, and Senior Citizen programs. They are completely free to the nonprofit and my family pays for all hosting, domain names, etc. It's our way of helping others.

I realize I am asking a lot. I can't find a step by step tutorial anywhere for converting a Bootstrap template for use with CMSMS 2.2.X. I had converted this free Bootstrap 3 website ( use with CMSMS 1.12.2 ( and forwarded a complete theme/menu to all forum members who had requested it.

If anyone has done this, converted a Bootstrap3 or 4 template for use with the new CMSMS 2.2.X, I would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to give me. Even if it's just pointing me in the right direction.

I have looked at themes/templates to purchase and reverse engineer but the only ones I am finding are now using the Foundation platform. I am just trying to learn how to convert a working Bootstrap theme for use with CMSMS 2.2.X.

Thank you for a great CMS program. If only we had more themes available. I will gladly make ALL of the free Bootstrap themes that I have converted for use with CMSMS available if I ever learn how to convert them for use with CMSMS 2.2.X. I have converted well over 100+ Bootstrap HTML5 free themes for use with CMSMS 1.12.2.

Re: Converting Bootstrap 3/4 templates for 2.2.X use

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:30 am
by DIGI3
I'm a Foundation user, but I know that CMSTemplateBuddy uses Bootstrap. You may want to drop them a line to let them know your needs, they may be willing to donate a theme or at least send you a page template to get you started.

Re: Converting Bootstrap 3/4 templates for 2.2.X use

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:51 am
by velden ... +bootstrap

Written in Dutch (by me) but might give you a clue as how the recursion in Navigator works:


I bet many forum users have implemented a Bootstrap template. Hopefully a few are willing to copy paste some of it here.

Re: Converting Bootstrap 3/4 templates for 2.2.X use

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:46 am
by elkman
Thanks Velden and DIGI3 for responding. If I have to switch to Foundation to get answers I may have to bite the bullet and learn Foundation. I have always run into issues creating a working menu for any new platform like Bootstrap and now possibly Foundation.

I'll wait a bit longer to see if anyone is using Bootstrap and willing to get me started down the path to upgrading to the newest CMSMS version.

Re: Converting Bootstrap 3/4 templates for 2.2.X use

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:05 pm
by arnoud
Both Bootstrap 3.x -> 4.x and CMSMS 1.x -> 2.x are major rewrites.

There are many forum and blog post about CMSMS migration. I don't know about an all-in-one manual.

Bootstrap has a good migration guide:

If you mix these together you have the information you want.

For most CMSMS developers it is awhile back that they worked with CMSMS 1.x (it is offically unsupported). If you have a specific CMSMS migration question you can ask it here. There are always people to help you out. A bit rusty (speaking for myself) but collectively this forum has a lot of knowledge.

For Bootstrap releated issues you have to seek it elsewhere.

It can take a while to migrate 200+ websites no doubt. I think you can best start with 1 or 2 CMSMS migrations. If these run smooth you tackle the Bootstrap CSS/JS part. After a few you know where you have to make the changes.

Ofcourse you can learn Foundation, but I think it is more work to get used to a new framework and rewrite templates to Foundation style.

If you have good knowledge about Smarty, HTML, CSS, JavaScript this is "relative". The strongest point of CMSMS is flexibility in theming, no matter what CSS framework you choose.

I have heard there are some good free cmsms themes but I have never used one myself, so don't know about Bootstrap ones. In my experience most developers don't use pre-baked themes and are not intrested in placing uptodate work in the theme forest.

As suggested you can also buy a custom theme and tweak that to your liking. Perhaps implement one good theme and only migrate the content? Not sure if this is feasible, it depends on the variety and complexity of the sites you are maintaining.