CMSMS 2.2.7 Simplex template change width

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CMSMS 2.2.7 Simplex template change width

Post by sirpewe »

I'm using simplex template and would like some help (and explaination) about how to change the width of the new and content window.
Where can this be adjusted? (I would like to make content block wider).

Thank you
// Per
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Re: CMSMS 2.2.7 Simplex template change width

Post by DIGI3 »

The Simplex theme uses a grid system, so some familiarity with those helps. If you look at the comments at the top of the 'Simplex Layout' stylesheet, it tells you how to adjust the maximum width.

If it's specifically the sub page content you want wider (with a narrower sidebar) you would need to change the column class names: the content-inner has the 'eight-col' class and the sidebar has the 'four-col' class. You can adjust these to any combination totaling twelve, e.g. ten-col and two-col.

Remember that HTML and CSS knowledge is a requirement for being a CMSMS developer, so although you may receive some help here, mostly we're just going to point you to the theme's templates and stylesheets. You need to know how to use your browser's inspector to see what the code is doing, and make adjustments as needed.
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