Need a little help with menu problems

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Need a little help with menu problems

Post by kevinbarker »

ok i have this template costablancacommunity . com

i neen the menus to collapse,  the current me is, i only need La Marina to be displayed,
# Guardamar Community
# 16: La Marina Community

    * 16.1: Shops
                    Current page is 16.1.1: Digital Vision
    * 16.2: Food & Drink
    * 16.3: Real Estate
    * 16.4: Online Business
          o 16.4.1: Web Site Hosting
    * 16.5: Local Services
    * 16.6: New & Events
    * 16.7: Tourism
    * 16.8: La Marina Forum

La Mata Community

i tried adding this in CSS 

/* Sidebar */

#sidebar ul {
  dfn {display:none;}

this is my menu code

also is there a html code i can add to keep the user, and the same level as the menu when they clcik say la marina, is goes back to tthe top of the page!

any help would be fantastic

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