Menu does not display after copying to new server

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Re: [SOLVED]Menu does not display after copying to new server

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Getting the pagenumber on 1 again is not that hard.
With the ajax-function to rearrange pages you can move a page above the one with number 2. Then save.
Then move the one with number two above this one, save, and you have changed the numer 2 in number 1.

It just did not solve the problem . . .

{Navigator template='W3vmenu' loadprops=1 collapse=0 number_of_levels=3 childrenof='home'}

Did the trick, because i needed only the part of the menu-structure below alias "home" .

I focussed to long on the old code that i took over and adjusted. Sometimes one needs to get some distance and remeber that i already made something similar for a website where we have a part in the czech language.

So, this is solved.

Thanks for all the help, regards,
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