Worried about CMSMS

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Worried about CMSMS

Post by musicscore »

As we all know, CMS made simple is the best CMS on the market today.
It is flexible, stable and simple to use for developers, editors and module builders. The first version I used was version 0.11 and CMSMS became better and better. Thanks to many core and module builders.

But what I have noticed (correct me if I'm wrong) that a lot of those core/module builders/developers have left the community. In the development team there are only 3 core code developers and a lot of 'old' modules are not mantained/updated. There are allmost no new modules.

Callguy seems the only real active core developer/builder at the moment.

So I'm getting realy worried. Is cmsms dying. How can we promote cmsms because as I already mentioned, I think it is the best CMS on the market.

Or : Please tell me I'm wrong and cmsms is growing. Because there is no other CMS as perfect as cms made simple.
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Re: Worried about CMSMS

Post by DIGI3 »

I just wanted to make a quick comment that this worry is not lost on the Dev Team. We are committed to CMSMS, but we understand there's struggles. We're a small team, and haven't had a lot of people offering to help in the past few years.

As for future concerns, that's part of the reason we set up the non-profit foundation. Separate from development, its primary concern (and mission statement) involves keeping CMSMS alive and available to the public in perpetuity.

As for the specific issues brought up by you and a few others in other language forums, know that we do read them and are working on ideas for the coming months.
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Re: Worried about CMSMS

Post by sponna1 »

We are a little worried too. We recently started to convert sites to the new 2.3 beta in the hope that it would be out of beta now, but it seems to be on hold from around 5 months ago. Some of these site conversions are quite substantial where clients have committed and hence why we have some worries. We needed to prepare ready for the new core and hence why we started planning ahead.

We are a long way down the track with some of the work on 2.3 beta 7 but we can't really do the final porting over until we are out of beta.

Totally understood that the devs have paying jobs and that takes priority but any reassurance would be great if possible please. Fortunately it's Calguys modules we use (FEU etc) so we're not reliant on lots of other modules at the moment, but it would be cool to know that the 2.3 is still on track even if taking a bit longer than maybe expected.

Thanks and your work over the years is appreciated.

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