Which module to use?

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Which module to use?

Post by pwg »

Hi, I'm using the News module to display a summary and detail view of events for a client.

To make the form as flexible as possible - different event types, different layout etc I do have a lot (more than 100) custom fields on the form

This is made up of 15 Agenda items, with title, time, content = 45 fields, plus 15 speakers with name, title, bio, image fields = a further 60 fields etc, plus date, location, tickets etc.

Example of form at: http://www.innovationaus.com/news/31/12 ... 6-Canberra

In a feature request it was pointed out to me, (more than likely correctly) that I was doing this wrong, or should be using another module.

Given the above, what would you suggest?

I can use CGBlog, Calendar etc but would also need a similar amount of custom fields?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Which module to use?

Post by DIGI3 »

I'd probably use LISE if my budget was tight, or have a custom module built if there was allowance for it. It may tie in with CGCalendar or other modules, but is probably a bit too specific for any one existing module.
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Re: Which module to use?

Post by velden »

If you're considering LISE then check the possibility to 'inter-link' items from different instances. E.g. an instance for 'speakers' and an instance for the 'events'. Then you can connect speakers to an event (not sure if multiple-multiple connections are supported).

Advantages would be:
- no duplicate input if speakers come to multiple events (reusable)
- no need to create like 20 possible fields when some events only have 10 speakers

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