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Why I like cmsms

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I was writing up a mail asking a web development company if they support CMSMS for a project and created a short list why I like CMSMS off the top of my head...
I liked it enough to post so here it is!
Feel free to suggest some of your own favorite reasons! :)
Below some items that I consider important factors for choosing CMSMS:

- Great content organization from the perspective of the website editors (pages as tree, other (custom) content in separate menu items)
- Automatic resizing, cropping, ... of images uploaded by editors
- Extensive customizability for the developers
- - "User defined tags" to add small php snippets
- - "module_custom" to overwrite language strings & module templates
- - Easy generation of small custom "records" modules
- - Usage of Smarty templating engine
- - - General usage of Smarty code in templates
- - - Using template inheritance for the various page templates
- - - Add custom smarty plugins (ex: automatically encode all e-mail addresses entered by content editors)
- And some probably less unique features like
- - join and minimize css & java
- - pretty urls
- - api
- - event based triggers
- - - ex: new content posted > run a specific UDT (php snippet)
- - - ex: failed login > run a specific UDT (php snippet)
- - - ...
note: everything in this list is included in the cmsms core except for the custom images & generating small custom "record" modules ;)
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