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Should I install a older version CMSMS?

Post by andrewvideouk »


Do you think I should install a older version of CMSMS as I can't get SelfRegistration or CGFEURegister to work. I am using CMSMS Version 2.2.14. Without those modules the site I making is useless and desperate to get those modules to work. Even FEU have a problem that I can't add a Login page in Content Manager so I can have a login & logout option. I can add a logout page. lol. Not end of the world. I do a work around. I hope.

Which versions of the CMSMS should I go for?


Modules I have instaled.

Code: Select all

AdminSearch 		1.0.5
CGCalendar 		2.6.2
CGContentUtils 		2.5.5
CGExtensions 		1.65.2
CGSimpleSmarty 		2.2.1
CGSmartImage 		1.22.7
CMSContentManager 		1.1.9
CmsJobManager 		0.1.3
CustomGS 		3.3
DesignManager 		1.1.8
EUCookie 		0.3.1
FAQ 		2.1.1
FileManager 		1.6.11
FormBuilder 		1.1
FrontEndUsers 		3.2.2
Gallery 		2.4.2
MicroTiny 		2.2.4
ModuleManager 		2.1.7
Navigator 		1.0.9
News 		2.51.10
Quizzard 		2.00
Search 		1.51.8
TinyMCE 		3.3.2
Utilities 		1.4
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Re: Should I install a older version CMSMS?

Post by DIGI3 »

I would stick with the latest version of CMSMS, but install FEU and the latest Selfreg.

FEU 3.x is buggy and weird. FEU 2.x works fine, and you can always go to 3.x later when it's better supported, or to a fork if/when someone releases one.
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