online database with few updated DBs + website

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online database with few updated DBs + website

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We are looking for an option to merge databases of "online" tickets data - the system called Toptix which works on theaters and arenas - with CMS made simple.

I have wrote "This site is currently running CMS Made Simple" in Google and found a few decent websites running "made simple",l but the website should handle an DB which is updating in "real times" with all data coming from sales office / workers in arenas.

There are a few products at their website. Toptix is an Israeli company which at the moment handling ticketing software solutions from all kinds - although their website is in English they got the system also in Hebrew. I've read all info and am not sure if "made simple" will fit Toptix, and if I'll have to pay more to upgrade to other version/ product of Toptix.

My hesitates are about:
1. the DB - which should be the online-updated from workers/office and also from an online system like this one: (demo site).

2. Hebrew - what about the data in Hebrew?

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