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ListItExtended - Translations

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:10 am
by Stikki
Attention translators!

CMSMS core 2.0 beta is getting closer, therefore few modifications were necessary.

Previously you had to use PHP variable {$module_name} in translations. This assures that each instance translations have correct instance name with in translation files.

I now removed this PHP variable and replaced it with magic lang string that gets replaced when module string is called.

This magic lang string is called: --INSTANCE_NAME--

So what you need to do is go trough your translation and replace {$module_name} with --INSTANCE_NAME--

ListItExtended core will then notice this and replace it with proper name.

If you don't do translations, i added fallback that still uses old way but is only able to get ListItExtended core module name: ListIt2

Thank you for you cooperation.

Best regards IDT Media Team.