Translation into Ukrainian

Have a translation or something? It goes here. This can mean modules, documentation, or CMSMS itself!
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Translation into Ukrainian

Post by vavgust »

I would like to translate CMSMS into Ukrainian. I made partial translations for modules and core for several sites. Added Ukrainian support for nls.
What is the procedure to add Ukrainian language into CMSMS? Should I prepare all necessary files, that must be changed and added?

P.S. How can I become tester of CMSMS 2.0?
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Re: Translation into Ukrainian

Post by reneh »

Ukranian translation project is now registered (but not ready for TC yet).
We still has to work out language codes and more to prepare the .nls files etc. If you already have this data available you can send it to me and I will look into it.

To get access to the Ukranian language in TC you need to register as user to the forge. And after that request to join this project:

After at least some of the strings for core is translated we will include the language option to the core release...

About beta testing for CMSMS 2.0:
It will be a open beta for CMSMS 2.0 - so you are welcome to test as soon the beta releases.
ReneH 8-)
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