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 Post subject: Translation tool for modules and the core!
PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 1:17 am 

We are proud to announce a very nice improvement to CMS Made Simple, a script has been written to translate the core and modules in a web interface. This new tool has been created to ease translations. It has its own project in the CMSMS Forge called Translationcenter.

To translators: do not to submit to SVN anymore, see point 1 below.

To modules developers: do not add more than 1 file to the lang folder, see below, point 2.


From now on, do not commit translations files to your language SVN anymore. The various language projects will remain, in order to give permissions to its members to enter the Translation Center. Please also do not commit files directly with SVN to the Translation Center repository, this would lead to out-of-sync files. Use the tool only.

(However, it will later be possible to commit entire files that have been translated outside the Translation Center, from the Translation Center web interface).

You find the Translation Center here: http://translations.cmsmadesimple.org/ Log in with your Forge/SVN login and password.

If you are a translator with a language project in the Forge, you will see that language in the first panel. click on it, and you will see the list of modules (those with internationalisation feature only).

Click on one, edit the right-side, and submit, that's all: as simple as that!

The language strings that are not translated are displayed with a red border (although this may look different for Safari users on Mac, as forms are closely tied to the MacOS presentation system).

For the strings that are not translated the natural language will also appear in the right-side, so you just overwrite that.

You do not even need to pay attention to quotes or backslash, the script handles that. Entering html_entites is also not necessary, but you can if you prefer (ü = ü).

For information, the files are encoded UTF-8, as the CMSMS admin panel now encode to anything else when specified in ones site's config.php

If you want to participate and your language doesn't exist in the Forge, create a project and inform us (contact at end of this message), then we will add it to the Translation tool config.


If you are a module developer, and if you internationalised your module (= you have a lang folder with your language in it), then your module is listed in the Translation Center.

Please do not commit any language file other than the one for your module’s natural language (actually the natural language of the module as listed in the Forge categorisation). For example, TagRep’s natural language is English (even though the author speaks German). Then only en_US.php should be in the module repository now.
Its our long experience that modules with other natural language than English are not translated. We therefore strongly recommend that the natural language for a module is set as English. This way you have a better chance that the module will be translated to more other languages.

Your natural lang file (like en_US.php) should still be directly in the /lang folder. From there you'll grab all translations files, those will reside now in /lang/ext/ folder (all of them, no more separate folders for each language).

(For the modules to work, we need a small modification which in a few days will be in the 0.11.3 version. If you after that want to make a release that is compatible with 0.11.2 and older versions you will need to move the lang files yourself when creating that release.)

You will have to add a command to have your module SVN project to grab all the languages when you do an svn update, in order to get them all for your release. Bear in mind that there are people working with the svn version of your module, and some do not download the module release files.

The command to put in your module SVN is (replace ModuleName by your module name of course):

for Unix users, command:

svn propedit svn:externals modules/ModuleName/lang

In that file, set:
ext http://svn.cmsmadesimple.org/svn/translatecenter/modules/ModuleName/lang/ext

for Windows users using TortoiseSVN:

Go to your working copy of your module, go in folder /lang. Here, right-click and go to Properties. You will find a Tab called Subversion (with the tortoise icon). There, you can set properties. Select the svn:externals property from the drop-down menu and write in the edit box:

ext http://svn.cmsmadesimple.org/svn/translatecenter/modules/ModuleName/lang/ext

then click Set and do not forget to re-commit the whole module, or at least the lang folder.

You only need to do this once and please do this as soon as possible!!

If you are a module developer but also did a translation, please join the given language project. This will handle the permissions for you to enter translations in the Translation Center.

If your language doesn't exist in the Forge, create a project and inform us (contact at end of this message), then we will add it to the Translation Center config.

And finally, if you are a developer of a module without internationalisation (language is hardcoded) then your module is not in the translation tool. So we ask you to inform us if you add internationalisation feature, in order for us to add your module to the translation tool at this moment. It is a manual process to add new projects to TranslationCenter....


Some language translators wish to get help. If you want to help please contact the translator for your language, or better register at the Forge and click "request to join" for that language project. You will then get access to the Translation Center.

We suggest the main language admin to set some "rules" about words we find in different modules, for consistency in translations. Like would be best if for example "How to use it?" is identical in all modules for the same language.

If your language doesn't exist in the Forge, create a project and inform us, then we will add it to the Translation Center config.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Reneh or westis.

The CMSMS Translation Team.

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 Post subject: Re: Translation tool for modules and the core!
PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:43 pm 
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Look at the svn log.

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