New command line application: cmscli

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New command line application: cmscli

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We are happy to announce a new command line application to help with managing and automating your CMSMS installations. Tentatively named "cmscli".

This application works with CMSMS 2.2 and beyond.

This is not an interactive console application. It is intended to aid in automation. Therefore most commands take options and operands and do not output any information or ask questions.

Some of the function provided with this utility are:
cache-clear - Clear the server cache
cmsms-download - Download the latest CMSMS installation assistant
cmsms-latestversion - Get the latest released CMSMS version number
config-get - Get a config variable
db-dump - Generate a mysql dump of your CMSMS install
db-import - Import an SQL file into an existing database
db-reset - Drop tables from a CMSMS databse
group-add - Add a new admin group
group-del - Remove an admin group
group-list - Display a list of admin groups
group-perm-list - List permissions associated with a group
module-activate - Activate a module
module-deactivate - Deactivae a module
module-hide - Hide a module from CMSMS
module-list - List installed modules
module-list-hidden - List modules hidden from CMSMS
module-unhide - Un-hide a module from CMSMS
site-checksum-generate - Generate a checksum file for use with the
site-checksum-verify - Verify the integrity of your CMSMS installation.
site-down - Set the website as down for maintenance
site-info - Retrieve CMSMS Version Info
site-up - Set the website as operational
user-activate - Activate a de-activated admin account.
user-add - Create a new admin user
user-deactivate - Deactivate an active admin account.
user-del - Remove an admin user account
user-edit - Edit details for a specific admin account
user-group - Add or remove an admin user from admin groups
user-list - List admin users
user-password - Adjust the password of an admin user

More commands will be available in CMSMS 2.3 (In development) and module developers can add commands for cmscli going forward (documentation soon).

This application is currently available for testing. But if it is successful could become part of the CMSMS core.

This application is built with PHP, and is distributed as a self-contained binary archive and must be transferred in binary mode.

Download it from here:

Installation instructions:
1. Transfer the file to your home directory on your server or any location in your PATH.
2. mv cmscli.phar cmscli && chmod +x cmscli

Usage Instructions:
1. cd to the root directory of your cmsms installation
2. execute cmscli
use cmscli --help to list the commands
use cmscli <command> --help to get information about a specific command.

I hope to hear your successes and problems and suggestions for this utility application.
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