1.0 Beta6 Released!

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Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by Russ »

Thanks Elijah, that seemed to do the trick for Album at least.


Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by tamlyn »

I'm trying to change my externalizer module to cope with the lazy loading stuff in beta6. How should I do it? I've put explicit 'require_once' calls for now but that looks messy, is there a better way?

Also although I love all this new stuff I feel there's far too many core changes being made to CMS for a 1.0 beta. In my mind 1.0 betas should involve nothing more than bug fixing otherwise 1.0 final may end up being *less* stable than the preceding betas!

Finally is there any documentation on how to use the new Events system?
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Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by calguy1000 »

There are a now a bunch of methods in the $gCms object to lazy load various pieces of core functionality


instead of "ContentOperations::blahBlahBlah()"

you now do a:

$contentoperations =& $gCms->GetContentOperations();

as far as events... there's basically only a few method in the module api

a) CreateEvent  -- Create a new event, and add it to the database
b) RemoveEvent -- Remove an event from the database
c) SendEvent -- Send an event

e) AddEventHandler -- Add a handler for an event
f) RemoveEventHandler -- Remove a handler for an event

g) GetEventHelp() -- A callback to get a help string for a particular event that this module has created
h) GetEventDescription -- A callback to get a help string for a particular event that this module has created.

The documentation for each event, when it's called and what data is sent along with the event is available under Extensions-->Events
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Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by tamlyn »

Ta very much, that did the trick! Will play around with the events - looks like fun :)
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Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by Ted »

@Tamlyn: I agree about changing so much at the last minute.  I was kind of worried about doing that, but as people we're complaing about the memory usage with the new modules, I figured that we better do something or 1.0 would be a total bust.  So, it was definitely necessary, even if it's last minute.  To be honest, I'd assume extend the beta as long as necessary to work out the problems...  But it seems like the only issues are with modules at this point (I mean, besides the comments about current design decisions), so I think it's still a goer for 1.0.

Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by biofuelguy »


Great work on 1.0!  I have been testing .13 on several sites preparing to deploy in production once 1.0 is released.  I just installed 1.0 beta 6 on a domain.  I just performed a clean install of beta 6 and found two issues:



Windows XP Professional SP2 and all current patches
IE 6 
Mozilla Firefox


Issue 1: Quick install via FTP - Step 5, "Thanks for installing CMS Made Simple" Step 5 icon image link is broken. (fresh install of beta 6)

Issue 2: Accessing CMSMadeSimple site from Godaddy ad-supported free hosting using Firefox defaults to accessibility mode.  Works fine from IE6.  Godaddy inserts some php code that places ads at the top of the website.  It inserts the ads and displays the CMS site perfectly in IE6 but when accessed from Mozilla Firefox, it defaults to accessible rendering with no graphics.

Example using CMS 1.0 beta 6 - http://www.ptcballet.com
Example using .13 Canary - http://www.greasology.org

Godaddy is a huge hosting company in the US so it is likely you will run into this as new adopters start kicking the tires.

Thanks again for the GREAT product!

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Re: 1.0 Beta6 Released!

Post by Dr.CSS »

They add stuff to the end of the page after body, which no body would do if they knew how to make a web page...

http://cmsmadesimple.org -->

IE works with sloppy code, trying to interpret what you really wanted.

Firefox is used for this screen shot...

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