0.8.1 "Papeete" Released!

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0.8.1 "Papeete" Released!

Post by Ted »

Well, we had some slight problems with 0.8 after it's release, so I quickly did a release of 0.8.1.

Here is the changelog for both versions:

Version 0.8.1 "Papeete" -- Sat Jan 01 2005

* Fixed bugs with upgrading
* Fixed html blobs
* Fixed bug with preview path

Version 0.8 "Tahiti" -- Sat Jan 01 2005

* Added Norwegian translation (Roger 'Stigma' Knutsen)
* Added FCKeditor capability via module (not included)
* Added TinyMCE capability via module (included)
* Added versionname plugin
* Added many many module API callbacks
* Admin and default website are totally xhtml 1.0 transitional compliant
* Admin menu now only shows items that the user could have access to
* Cleaned up root directory by moving things to modules and the lib directory
* Moved HTMLArea to a module (not included)
* Moved dhtmlmenu plugin to PHPLayers module in order to fix xhtml issues
* Rewrote all content handling from scratch for better expandibility
* Updated Traditional Chinese translation (gobido)

Special thanks to Greg and Patricia, who did a lot of testing and helped to track down and squash a lot of bugs. 0.8 was definatly a hurdle because of the amount of changes that were actually done. I know there are other bugs out there, but they're getting harder to find. That's always a good thing.

0.9 will probably bring forth a major overhaul of the module API to more closely match how content types work now. It's amazing how much you learn when developing an app like CMS, and the module API is in desperate need of a nice reworking to make it more easy to use.

Then, multiple content types and/or multiple languages for content will be done after that.

We're getting there, people. Thanks again.
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