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0.7.3 Released!
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Author:  Ted [ Wed Nov 24, 2004 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  0.7.3 Released!

Another fine release is upon us. Hopefully, this is the last release of 0.7.x and we can get started on 0.8.

Here's the ChangeLog:

* Added Italian translation (emanuelez)
* Added more callback functions to module API
* Added config.php option to disable sending translations to htmlarea
* Added active/inactive toggle in Content Management (Xorn725)
* Added categories and other fixes to the News module (calguy1000)
* Added breadcrumbs and sitemap plugins (Manarth)
* Added clear cache button to site preferences (#000055)
* Fixed syntax highlighting not submitting data of second textarea.
* Fixed HTMLArea to display properly with all languages, even if some
still default to en_US
* Fixed bug with handling of aliases in add/editcontent
* Fixed bug with relative paths in dhtmlmenu
* Fixed changing ownership of html blobs
* Fixed displaying html_blobs in modules with executeuser
* Fixed HTML bug in print module (#000048)
* Fixed error message with Deleting templates (Part of #000047)
* Fixed check_ownership and check_authorship to be more consistant
* Fixed htmlarea so that it doesn't convert double quotes in " and
mess up smarty tags
* Reenabled Image Manager
* Removed Allow Admin Access from add/edit user
* Updated adodb to 4.54


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