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0.7.2 Released!
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Author:  Ted [ Thu Nov 11, 2004 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  0.7.2 Released!

Quite a bit of bug fixing in this one. A few features, too.

The ChangeLog looks like this...

* Added missing edit links to titles in CSS and News admin (#000035)
* Added ability to invert the foreground/background color of htmlarea (#0000031)
* Added search and replace to htmlarea
* Added ability to clean pastes from Microsoft Word in htmlarea
* Added pagination to majority of admin list pages
* Added google search plugin
* Added google pagerank plugin
* Added Expand/Collapse plugin
* Added print page plugin
* Added strip_tags to RSS output in News module (#000042)
* Changed en_US to UTF-8
* Changed with of add and edit html blob pages
* Changed all template lists to be ordered by template name (#000038)
* Changed edit html blob so that is only modifies the timestamps of pages it is actually used on.
* Changed all user lists to be ordered by username (#000039)
* Changed add content so that the alias is based off of menutext instead of the title
* Changed upgrade script so that it always clears the cache directories even if there is no schema change.
* Fixed custom 404 error template usage
* Fixed add and edit content pages so that the alias field is more intelligent when auto_alias_content is on (#000043)
* Fixed login to redirect back to originally requested link
* Fixed stupid encoding issue with cms_htmlentities
* Fixed htmlarea not loading due to a notice level error (#0000034)
* Fixed a few problems with htmlarea's fullscreen not working in Internet Explorer
* Fixed htmlblob to fill the width of the screen (#0000037)
* Updated Smarty to 2.6.6 (jope)


Author:  DKasler [ Mon Nov 15, 2004 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  0.7.2 Released!

absolutely awesome.

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