0.7.1 Released!

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0.7.1 Released!

Post by Ted »

This version is a result of a lot of feedback and bug reports from the community. Greg did an extra special job of finding all kinds of good bugs. Thanks, Greg!

Anyway, here is the ChangeLog...

* Added check for session functions to install script (#000004)
* Added newline parsing to the comments module (#000011)
* Added encoding override on templates. Fixed bugs with htmlentities. (#000002, #000006)
* Added missing CSS to the horizontal menu (#000008)
* Added check to lang/addline.sh to make sure line doesn't already exist (#000017)
* Added German translation (Piratos)
* Added Czech translation (peca)
* Added new div and swaptitledate parameter to News module
* Fixed a bug when hitting cancel on the login page (#000029)
* Fixed bug when not saving all fields when adding a user
* Fixed html blobs so that they can handle smarty functions inside of them.
* Fixed email in add/edit user to accept 255 characters (#000003)
* Fixed htmlblob NOTICE level messages (#000005)
* Fixed delete confirmation text in file management (#000012)
* Fixed java syntax highlighting to submit if advnaced wasn't expanded (#0000016)
* Removed most references to BBCode without breaking backwards compatibility (#000013)
* Removed a rogue div from the Comments module (#000010)
* Fixed htmlarea displaying inproper align values (#0000021)
* Fixed css not properly displaying in htmlarea until post (#0000031)
* Fixed default language on login page to default to english. (#0000032)
* Changed the header slogan to be text instead of an image (#0000015)

Thanks everyone! See you at 0.8.
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