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Annnouncing CMS Made Simple 2.1 - Bahamas

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Hello again CMSMS users.

Here we are again with another release of your favourite, powerful, and flexible open source content management system: Version 2.1 - "Bahamas".

This release includes a number of bug fixes as we continue to stabilize and improve the 2.x series, as well as a few notable feature improvements.

As usual, the changelog that is included with the release, and available for reading from within the installation assistant, will contain all of the details as to what has been improved, but we'll highlight a few of the big things here:

More compatibility improvements and fixes in relation to Smarty.
When we introduced scoping into Smarty, we broke a few things—particularly with respect to the compatibility of existing modules. These should, by and large, be fixed now.

Improvements to browser caching behaviour
We have made some changes to the location, and way, that we send out the various headers to your browser. This should help with browser caching, allow less server usage, and improve performance for returning site visitors. Please be sure you also view the sample htaccess file (docs/htaccess.txt) for improvements there.

Added the adminonly=1 argument to the various {content} tags.
This feature allows you to specify that certain content blocks can only be edited by users of the "admin" group. Use this when you are mixing design and content in a certain block, and don't want normal editors to be able to adjust the content of this block.

Hint: When mixing design and content in a particular block it is always best to disable the wysiwyg for that content block with the wysiwyg=false argument.

Improved MicroTiny Editor.
We have upgraded the core TinyMCE package in MicroTiny to a fairly recent version (the latest, as of a couple of weeks ago), and added the ability to paste as text, as well as the table plugin.

There was much discussion in the Dev Team about the table plugin, and whether to include it or not. In the end, we decided that we would include this functionality, but turn it off by default.

Although we do not in any way encourage the use of tables for layout, there are a few valid reasons where tabular data is useful in content blocks.

The CMSMS-linker plugin has been improved to show the page hierarchy when auto-completing a page name, title, or alias to link to. This auto-complete field is faster, and more manageable for finding a link to a page—particularly on larger sites.

More Locking improvements
More work, and an extensive amount of testing in various browsers and various operating systems has resulted in revamping the way that locking works in the Content Manager and Design Manager.

As of CMSMS 2.1 almost all of the locking and unlocking is done via ajax, in a synchronous manner. The various lists (Content List, Template List, and Stylesheet List) refresh every thirty seconds to indicate what objects are locked.

Locking can be disabled completely by editing the various time-out values to 0 in the Content Manager and Design Manager settings.

Templates can now be hidden from lists.
The new 'Listable' feature when editing a table will ensure that this template does not show up in the content list when selecting a template for a page.

This is very useful when using template inheritance, and you do not want editors to be able to choose the base template when editing a content page.

Improvements to the 'system information' page.
We have added to and tweaked the information available on the system information page, particularly in the bbcode section.

We remind everybody that when you encounter a problem and need to ask a question on the forum (or even when submitting a bug report) that you must include a copy of this as it provides us with some basic information that is useful when diagnosing issues.

As you can see, CMSMS 2.1 is an extensive release. There are features and bug fixes for everybody, and we think that the 2.x series is definitely becoming more usable and stable.

As of this version CMSMS 2.1 and CMSMS are the only officially supported versions. The members of the Dev Team are not asked to provide technical support (general questions) for previous versions. We will fix any critical bugs or security issues in the 1.12 series until September 2016.

Thank you, and have fun with CMSMS.

The CMSMS Dev Team.
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